Sunday, 1 November 2015

Amazon Warrior sketch

My Amazon Warrior, half sketched at work, half at home...

I tried to do some poses, but I need more practice on it.

Did you know that mythology says that Amazon warriors used to cut off (or burnt out D: ) the right breast to be better archers? 

So, yea, my one has one boob.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

More Life Drawing

Trying new life drawing class in London.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Back to life drawing

It's been a long time but I finally manage to go back to do some life Drawing!
After finishing the intense final year of uni and finding my first job in London, I realised it's almost a year that I don't spend some time doing life drawing with a model.
Fortunately, some of my colleagues still keep practicing it so, I followed them on one of the lessons.
It was sad to feel so rusty but slowly slowly I started to enjoy it again.
Here just a few of them (the most successful in my opinion).


Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Few weeks ago I found in my computer a sketch I did last year. I decided to get back to it and at least gave it some colours.

I'm trying to use more colours because I don't feel really comfortable with them.
Well, I hope you like it :)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Monday, 27 July 2015

9th and 10th days

Yesterday I started "Judith and the head of Holofernes" (Judith I) by Gustav Klimt. An amazing and detailed work that needs its time to be studied and reproduced.
Unfortunately the quality of the pictures I found on internet were not good enough to make me understand the way Klimt used to paint, but I could notice he painted with really small brush strokes... This means it was hell to understand all the colours he used! At the same time I can't wait to finish it.
I've planned to finish it (or at least stop it) by tomorrow. I'll keep you update ;)


Saturday, 25 July 2015

8th day

As I said previously, after my day of research, I decided to study Gustav Klimt and his fascinating style.
I planned that each first day of a master study will be spent in sketches.
So many nice poses!

Friday, 24 July 2015

7th day_Research

Unfortunately, today I couldn't work. Not because I was not in the right mood or anything, but because I didn't have everything I needed to start with.
I will explain myself. In my day by day list for my art challenge, today I decided to start a new Master study.
My problem? I didn't know who to choose!
I spent most of my day researching different artist, from the old age to the contemporaneity. I wanted to practice so many different aspects and there were to many good artists.
In the end, I realised I didn't have time to draw. But I'm still thinking I didn't waste my time: research it's always really important for improving and in the end I found my next Master study.

For tomorrow I will researching Gustav Klimt and his beautiful drawings and paintings!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

6th day

Today I was not really sure what to do. I was suppose to develop my personal draw but doing the self-portrait, I just needed a day.
So, I decided to practice on life drawing with colours drawing my boyfriend reading a book.
I kept my main reference for the part of these studies: Toulouse-Lautrec.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

5th day _ Self-portrait

After 4 days of studying Toulouse-Lautrec style, I decided to draw myself in his style. I tried mainly to keep his gaudy colours which in mine are still not colourful enough.

I didn't keep the time, I think I spent on it at least 2 hours: too much, the light was changing 
constantly, it made me mad...

Ps CS6 + Wacom + mirror

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

4th day

This is my version of Toulouse-Lautrec's work. It's not finished on purpose because I wanted to concentrate on the colours of the main figure. I hope you enjoy!

Tomorrow, self-portrait in his style! :D

Monday, 20 July 2015

3rd day

For my 3rd day of art challenge I decide to finish a bit of the painting from yesterday ("Seated Dancer in Pink Tights")


and start another one of Toulouse-Lautrec: "Monsieur Boileau", 1893


Sunday, 19 July 2015

2nd day

Toulouse-Lautrec, "Seated Dancer in Pink Tights", 1890.

My version in digital painting, 45 min.

Here the link with the reference:

Saturday, 18 July 2015

21 days art challenge_1st day

Yes, I'm doing it. Despite holiday and travels, I decided to organise a 21 days art challenge on my own. I want to practice on Master studies and life drawing and to keep myself on track I will force myself to make a post every day.
Ah! I usually fail at this kind of things but this time I want to show myself that I can do it!

For the 1st day of art challenge I made a study of the amazing Toulouse Lautrec's works with the purpose of focusing on his style and colours.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Need inspiration!!!

Recently, I have been a bit lost on my own work. University is almost at the end and consequently is more stressful and intense. Plus, I have to start thinking about my life next year which is exciting but at the same time terrifying.
Because I've been so busy, it's been a long time since i don't draw properly for my self and I miss that.
I tried to force myself to spend sometimes with my old friend pencil and paper but more I try and more I get angry.

I got back to check some of my old sketch: do you ever have the feeling that sometimes you were better before? I hope it's just because I'm down... Anyway, I found few old sketches I did and I decided to revive them from the dust.

It's weird but they made me feel better...

Monday, 20 April 2015

Little changes make my days

My last little change from this stressing term. Last year of university is almost finished and this means that the film is almost finished.