Friday, 25 October 2013

Character Design with Gillian Reid

This week we had a workshop with the Character Designer Gillian Reid. It was such fun!
She started by explaining how she usually worked and asked us to do the same: we had to imagine a character and his hobby.
Here is my old grumpy granny with a secret passion for DJing and electronic music!
Firstly, we had to make different shapes trying to go over the stereotypes: 

After we found the shape we prefered, we had to draw different rough positions of our character without going into too much detail:

Later we had to do the same with the head and the expressions, going more in details:

This is the result of the few hours of workshop with Gillian and I enjoy it so much. After a morning like this, how can you stop drawing? Such fun... So, I just drew few more pictures before my wrist "told me" to stop. 



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