Monday, 6 May 2013

Trying layouts

Here some layouts from the last few months: another uni work. 
I have never done layouts before because I used to draw more the human figure, but I quite enjoyed drawing them. In the beginning I found it hard and boring, but soon it became easier. I tried to change media and to colour them in Photoshop and it was interesting. Maybe I found my new aim! 
Uni is getting really hard especially because this is the last month (already!!!). In the end of it I will show you why I am so busy... and I hope to find more free time to do my personal works. It is something that I really miss doing!

These are copies from real life, the majority of and from my room and house in England.

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  1. holy fuck ali. gimme digital painting lessons PLEASE XOXOXOXOXO WOOOOOOW YOU ROCK . <3 YOU XO